[ Cm Fm/C Cm/Eb Fm/Ab Cm/G Ab7/Gb G7/F ]

He hide his fortune in a hole
He doesn’t want to let them stealing all
His money, jewels, gold.

But his daughter and his son
Will never know how to be bound
To where the treasure can be found.

[ Cm G47/D Eb6 Fm7 Bb Eb/G
Cm G47/D Eb6 Fm7 Ab6 Cm/G G7 ]

In the sand, all around,
He can smell and breath the dawn
Until the sun is falling down.
There, he stands, on the ground,
Knowing that he’ll wait for getting back his own
And wondering how long ?

Then they come, break his home,
The snake himself brings him down,
Where other have already gone.
In the pain, all around,
He must smell and breath so strong
To still count him among

They hide their nature in their soul
Didn’t want to let us seeing all
Their weaknesses and faults.

[ Cm Fm7 Ab6 G7 ]