Dans nos cervelles

[ Am C Dm E x2
F Dm Am C x2 ]

I know a guy who was sure he could hide
His defaults, his weaknesses,
So he kept them inside.
Noone told him that to become a man,
He’s got to make mistakes to know what’s wrong or right.

But all the love inside your brain,
Don’t hide it, human,
God blesses the lover man
God blesses the lover man

I remember when jalousy came to me,
My heart so sad,
I became angry.
It was too late when I finally see
That I missed the treasures that were here near me.

During a night, I woke up and smiled,
‘Cause in my nightmare,
I just fought the devil.
I’ve found the prooves that you and I,
Blind and deff by the time, now can be fine.

Tout ce que je joue et ce que tu aimes
Est déjà  dans nos cervelles
Prêt à  cueillir l’or et la dentelle
A coups de petits battements d’ailes.

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